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Creating a Package

Creating a Package
  1. Select "Add new package" from the Package Management page

  2. Enter the package name

  3. Select specific appearance features; these features will apply to the entire package for all participants

  4. Check the boxes of the pre-set features you wish to include

    • Require login​

    • Allow participant to choose session

    • Skip choose session if next is determined

    • Show Progress Bar

    • Allow Participant to Control Image On/Off

    • Turn off the Image of Agent Character

    • Allow Participant to Control Voice On/Off

    • Turn off the Voice for Screening and Survey Questions

  5. Click "Add"

  6. You will recieve the message, "The package has been added successfully"

Text-to-Speech Engine Mode

This option allows you to choose a voice for your narrator that is most suited to your audience

  • When using the "TruVoice" option, be sure to use a male voice, as the female voices do not work as well.

  • While the AT&T voices are great, you must pay to use them: $35 per voice or ~$55 for three voices.

Photo Gallery

There are two options for adding photos to your package:

  1. Choose from the galleries that have been created and loaded into CIAS (see figure on the right) or

  2. Create your own gallery (see instructions below)

Tip: In both cases, CIAS randomly selects a photo from the gallery to use for each question of the survey and screening sections

Photo Gallery
Creating Your Own Gallery
  1. Click on "Admin Home" on the left-side menu

  2. Select "Manage Photo" found under the heading "Photo Gallery"

  3. To view the photos in an existing gallery and/or add a photo to such a gallery, choose the desired gallery from the option "Filter by Category."

    • Once the photos from the desired category are displayed, you can click "Add Photo" to add to the existing category​.

    • You will be required to name the file, and then upload the desired photo.

  4. To create your own category with unique photos, choose "Add Category" on the "Manage Photo" page.  Name your category and click "Add"

    • Once your category is created,  repeat step 3, selecting the category you have just created.

Progress Bar

A progress bar allows participants to see how much of the survey they have completed, and how many more questions remain in the current section.

Progress Bar
No Progress Bar
With Progress Bar
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