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Getting Started

Creating a Session
  1. Select "Manage Session" from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select "Add New Session"

    • You will be required to name your new session.  Once you have done so, click "Add"

    • You will be returned to the previous screen, where your new session is now listed.

  3. Clicking on the session you have just created will open the "Screening" menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Creating a Session
Screening Section

Note: You can change the title of your session at any time by returning to the "Manage Session" page, and clicking "Edit."

Screening Section

Screening questions are used to determine eligibility and define group membership.

Add New Screening Questions
  1. From the "Session Management" page, click on the desired session, and the "Screening" menu will expand on the left-hand side.

  2. Select "Screening Questions" from the menu on the left.

  3. Select "Add New Screening Question"

  4. Complete each field in the "Add Screening Questions" screen.

    • Question - The question will be displayed on the screen exactly as written here

    • Variable Name - The variable name must be unique within the package

    • Question Type - 4 types of questions are available:

      • Text area - this is a basic fill in the blank​

      • Single choice - participant may only choose one item from a list

      • Multiple choice - participant may choose multiple responses from a list

      • Visual analog scale

    • Required - Participant may only skip this question if the box is unchecked.  If question is used to determine eligibility or grouping, the box MUST be checked.

    • Common Options - You may select common options from the dropdown menu, or enter your own answer choices.

      • A numerical value must be assigned for each response, though they do not need to be in chronological order, i.e. 0; 3; 5; 7​

      • The default number of answer choices is 5.  You may add additional choices by clicking "more options."

  5. Click "ADD" when complete.

Order Questions

Questions are placed in chronological order and assigned a permanent corresponding number according to the order in which they are written; while the numbers are permanent, they can be arranged in 2 ways:

Use the "Order Questions" function to set a uniform order, regardless of the participant's response.

  1. Select the question you wish to move.

  2. Click "move up" or "move down" to the desired sequence.

  3. Click "Submit" to save the changes

Order Options

Use the "Order Options" function to set delivery order of questions based on a participant's response

  1. In the box labeled "Current Questions Number," type the question number of the quesiton you wish to work with, and click "go"

  2. Below that, you will see all the answer options for that question. 

  3. Beside each answer choice, there is a box labeled "next question."  This number corresponds to the question that that participant will be asked next, if they choose that response.

    1. For example, question 1 may ask about gender, and question 2 may ask if the participant is currenlty pregnant.​

    2. To make sure that only those who answer "female" are asked about pregnancy, you would change the number next to "male" to "3," while the number next to "female" will remain "2."

      • In this scenario, a participant answering "male" in question 1, would skip question 2, and be shown question 3.  A participant answering "female" would be shown question 2, then quesiton 3.​

    3. Click "Submit" and repeat for all necessary questions.

Survey Section

The survey section delievers an unlimited number of measures to participants that meet elgibility criteria

Just like with the "screening section," you must add the section, then create tests.  Sections may contain a group of tests or measures.

Survey Section

Note: The section name will appear on the screen just as written; therefore, it is best to use short phrases.

Creating a Survey Section
  1. Select "section" from the "survey" submenu on the left-hand side of the page.

  2. Click "Add New Section"

  3. Enter the section name.

  4. Click "Add."

    • You will be returned to the previous screen, where your newly added section will appear.​

Add a New Test
  1. In the "Survey Section" screen, select the section you wish to add a test to.

  2. Click "Add New Test"

  3. Enter the test name.

  4. Click "Add."

    • You will be returned to the previous screen, where your newly added test will appear.​

  5. To import tests from other sections or packages, click "Import Test."

  6. Choose the test(s) you wish to add to this section.

Adding Questions to a Test
  1. From the "Survey Test" screen, select the test you wish to add questions to.

  2. Click "Add New Question"

  3. Enter the question

  4. Enter the variable name for that question

  5. Select question type

  6. You may choose common answer options, or write your own.

  7. Assign points to each answer choice.

Note: For detailed descriptions of answer options and points, see the "Add New Screening Questions" section.

Ordering Answer Options

Next to each answer option is a column labeled "Order."  You may use this column to dictate the order in which your answer options are displayed.​​  "0" is first option to display.

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